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You’re a leader in your Learning Environment, ensuring that each child receives care that is considered optimal for their individual needs. Qualified Educators are responsible for ensuring day-to-day operations cater for the emotional, social, language, creative, intellectual and physical development of children, whilst offering a supportive, positive and caring environment.

Qualified Educators are responsible for observing and monitoring each child’s overall development; assessing children’s strengths and potential areas of support.

You can keenly identify children’s needs and devising appropriate learning experiences to meet those needs comes as second nature. You will oversee the taking of observations, designing of learning experiences and supervising of learning experiences undertaken by the unqualified staff in your room.

Drawing on the Early Years Learning Framework, theorists and pedagogy, you will diligently record observations of individual children and small groups in your care. Each day, you engage and inspire not only children, but also your team of Educators, to ensure a cohesive and inclusive environment.

You will be confident in leading work-related discussions in your Learning Environment and in providing valuable input into staff meetings and workshops. All with a view to driving change and continual improvement to service quality.



Early Childhood Educator (Diploma)

"I adore working with children and being in a rewarding career, seeing their growth and development over time. I believe in a play based approach to learning and view every child as competent. I believe that children are the future and it is our responsibility to scaffold their development and knowledge."