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The Atlantis Group is proud to partner with ECU, to offer placements and internships for students with a focus on Early Childhood Education across our Atlantis and Tall Tree Early Learning settings.

Our placements and internships give students who are studying early years education a fantastic opportunity to explore the role of an Early Childhood Teacher (ECT) within a unique and nurturing Early Education setting.

Early Childhood Teaching as a career is an exciting opportunity to lead and teach a curriculum that supports children’s development and fosters a love of learning from a young age. We believe that Early Learning Centres offer unique opportunities for Early Childhood Teachers to put their learnings and knowledge into practice and shape our future leaders.

Tall Tree Early Learning expect this strong partnership with ECU will develop the strength and depth of the teaching profession, while offering students real-life experience and a foundation in which they can thrive off as they progress through their training and early careers.

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Internships and Placements

Internships and Placements are a pivotal part of Early Childhood Teacher training Internships and placements play an essential role toward teacher effectiveness as they create opportunities for students to implement the theories and practises conceptualised in a classroom environment, in the real world and under the mentorship of industry professionals.

To compliment and support a strong focus on independent learning, all students who come to Atlantis and Tall Tree Early Learning enjoy close guidance and support from experienced staff.Our links to the School of Education at ECU mean that students who are keen to explore the role of an ECT in our centres can enjoy a placement that offers the best possible start to a rewarding teaching career implementing the Early Years Learning Framework.

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Key benefits for Early Childhood Teachers within Early Learning Centres

Early Childhood Teachers are integral in shaping the futures of our children by delivering industry best practises and quality education in-line with the Early Years Learning Framework. Once qualified as an Early Childhood Teacher, there is an exciting career opportunity within Early Learning Centres.

After years in the business our After School programming is the best there is. We have crafted an incredible blend of learning support, exploration, sporting skill fun and relaxation. Whatever your child needs after their day at school.We understand that children in OSHC don't always get to engage with after school sport as much as they might like and so, we provide Professional Sports Coaches to build skills and confidence in a variety of disciplines.For those seeking some quiet time or homework assistance, we have breakout corners designed to allow mindfulness, reading or just the opportunity to sit with friends and chat about their day.

Use your skills and qualifications in a place where you are recognised and valued for what you do
Benefit from favourable working conditions such as attractive wages and substantial discount on childcare fees, along with great work life balance with flexible hours available
Use your skills and qualifications in a place where you are recognised and valued for what you do
Build a career in a place where you can grow professionally, as succession and career planning is encouraged
Be part of a pivotal stage of a child’s development, as you lead and deliver education programs that help children as they learn the skills to take them though school and beyond.