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Lead your own Kitchen - the heart of our Centre!

Lead your own Kitchen - the heart of our Centre!

Are you passionate about cooking healthy meals? Do you love the thought of developing a passion for food in children?

A part-time position of huge importance to our offering, being our Centre Cook entails preparing fresh, wholesome meals for our children (and Educators) each day. A role that requires passion for food and wholesome nutrition alike, you will be responsible for occasionally baking treats for special Centre events, and our families when they come to visit.

A profound understanding of catering to different allergies, food intolerances and dietary requirements is essential to ensure the children in our care are safe at all times. You will follow recipe guides and meal planners on a 4-week rotation provided by our leadership team and developed in consultation with industry professionals and Nutritionists. Our Food Coordinators are often the first people our families see when they arrive at our services so a warm and friendly disposition that makes everyone feel welcome is essential.

You will have wonderful time management skills and the ability to multi-task. Other key tasks include:

  • Ordering all produce whilst keeping within set food budgets.
  • Completing all food safe paperwork.
  • Keeping a presentable, clean and safe kitchen at all times.

Ditch the stressful work environment and long hours and join our team in this fun and diverse role.

Enjoy work-life balance, run your own Kitchen while nurturing the love of food in children.

Providing healthy, nutritious meals is just the start of this journey.

Food Coordinator at Tall Tree Early Learning Banksia Grove

As a Food Coordinator at Tall Tree, I thrive on the joy of creating nutritious meals that fuel the growth of young minds.

The collaborative spirit among fellow coordinators provides a platform to exchange ideas and collectively enhance our menu to suit all. What makes this role truly special is the conducive environment for personal and professional growth, allowing me to pursue studies while working in the kitchen. Every day, I find fulfillment in my job where i can be creative, be surrounded by a great team and have the opportunity to positively impact so many tiny lives.

Growing Futures.

Build your future. Build the future.

Are you ready to experience the magic of a career in early childhood, join us on this exciting journey where your skills will shine, your contributions will matter and your future will flourish. Explore our current openings and take the first step toward a future filled with innovation, camaraderie and endless possibilities.