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Manning Outside School Care

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Manning Primary School
60-80 Ley Street
Manning, WA 6152
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Rosalie Outside School Care

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Rosalie Primary School
101 Onslow Road
Shenton Park, WA 6008
Young Child with Watering Can


One of the most important lessons we can teach the leaders of tomorrow is to care for their environment and have a sound understanding of what it means to be sustainable today.

One of the most important lessons we can teach the leaders of tomorrow is to care for their environment and have a sound understanding of what it means to be sustainable today. All of our Tall Tree children are exposed to daily environmental teachings as this forms an integral component of our Nature Program. We provide daily learning experiences around Agriculture and Environment through the caring of animals, vegetable gardens, worm farms ,composting, recycling, rainwater collection and more. Learning is kinetic and hands-on so children gain a well-rounded understanding of all concepts. We embed sustainability into our daily curriculum through our Sustainability Officer who oversees all areas including recycling, composting, power saving, tree replanting… the list goes on. We also engage with numerous environmental campaigns and initiatives throughout the year and actively encourage family participation, so children’s learning continues beyond our gate.



Banksia Grove

My two children both attend Tall Tree full time - it’s been a hard adjustment for me but the team there has been so fantastic. The kids are thriving, they’re learning so much and having a lot of fun! The Educators get so excited whenever my kids meet a milestone or do something out of their comfort zone and I’m told at pick up with so much enthusiasm and joy. That’s what I want for my kids -people who are excited to be there with them, to share in their achievements. I’ve never met such a supportive team.



When we were looking into care for our son, we agonised over finding a place where he would feel safe and happy. We are so glad that we landed on Tall Tree! We marvel at the experiences his Educators provide and the way they expose him to important topics such as First Nations culture, environmental responsibility and celebrations around the world in such a relevant and age-appropriate way. Above all, we are grateful for how well our son's Educators seem to know him and for the love and care that he receives from them while we are at work. It helps to alleviate the working parent guilt just a little bit knowing that our son enjoys his time at Tall Tree!



My vision for my child's day care was quite idealistic, but Tall Tree has surpassed even those high expectations. Every day, my child is presented with opportunities to learn, explore, form bonds, and even the much-needed time to unwind and relax. The centre, with its clean and vibrant environment, radiates nothing but pure joy. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the team for providing a consistently superior, professional childcare experience to my child and our family.



Care, trust and professionalism are the foundation that Tall Tree has established in the industry. The Educators are of the highest standard and show true passion in their roles, they not only care and create a safe environment for the kids but also teach with fun and interesting activities which in our point of view sets them apart from the others.