After 20-years of owning and operating Early Childhood businesses, we have complete confidence in our ability to recognise those who are passionate about what they do. We know what we are looking for and we definitely know when we find it.

Our people are our investment. An investment in the future of our business and in the future of your little one and family. The Educators we hire have to be passionate, kind, nurturing, positive and motivated individuals or they're simply just not for us.

All Tall Tree Educators have a minimum certification of working towards Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, with most working towards a Diploma-level qualification. Our Centre Coordinators are highly qualified and experienced individuals, many with further qualifications in Early Childhood Education or Primary Teaching.

As much as the paper side is important, it's the people side that we believe truly matters. We employ nurturing souls who, as Educators, form strong bonds with your little one, to make them feel confident and comforted in our care at all times.


We want our people to be who your little one speaks to when they pick up that toy phone. The person who makes their eyes light up at the mere mention of their name. We don't want to hurt your feelings, but we want them to leap into the arms of our people when they see them in the morning, for you to know they have that special person who they connect with in such a way, so you can get on with your day. Peace of mind in knowing they are truly cared for.

Our Educators work in Early Childhood for this reason. They have passion for the education and care of children, they seek to create bonds and help your little one to thrive. You see this passion each and every time you talk to them. They can tell you everything about your little one's day, because they have been a part of every minute. We have Educators who cry at first steps and first words because it means so much.

We encourage our Educators to allow their own culture, life experiences and personality to come to the fore. To enrich the experiences of your little one with different stories, activities and perspectives. We celebrate the individual and ask our Educators to do the same.

Dreamers, Poets, Dancers, Runners, Artists, Animal Lovers, Story Tellers, Tree Climbers - they all have a home with us, and so does your little one. Let our people inspire your little one to become their truest self and learn to love every aspect of that self along the way.