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They say it takes a village and we want to make sure that our children have a village. We engage with our local community and form strong ties to enrich the experience of our Atlantis children.


We invite people from all walks of life to come in and share their stories with us.


You'll see us about, venturing into our local community and seeing what we can learn.

Aged Care

Regular visits to our elderly friends form strong bonds and enrich the lives of young and old alike.

Local Businesses

We learn from local businesses and get to support them along the way.

Children do not learn in isolation, they learn through an immersive and dynamic process that enables them to truly experience all that life, and the wider world, has to offer. History, culture, commerce, people - they all have so much to offer little minds and we make sure we get our Atlantis children out into their community in order to experience it.

Children on Day-out Excursion

Out and about

The Northern Corridor is rich with history, culture and community. We make sure our children experience all it has to offer.

Spend enough time at key locations across the Northern Corridor and you will see our Atlantis children, in their high-vis vests, out and about exploring the world around them. We regularly visit places of local interest to enrich the learning of our children and enable them to experience something new. A new adventure always has plenty to offer in the way of discovery and discovery equals learning!

By enabling our children to experience something out in the real world we are building confidence and resilience, as well as social skills such as conversing with older people and asking questions to further their own learning. It's life skills, and it's super important.

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First Australian Connection

The importance of our Indigenous people and their culture cannot be understated. It forms a large part of our Community programming and is very close to our hearts.

Indigenous culture is incredibly important and enriching for young children. It is something that is not always introduced in formal schooling so we want to make sure that Atlantis children are taught the history of the land they live on and the people that land belongs to.From the six seasons to dreamtime storytelling, bush tucker to songs and music - we immerse our little people in the wonderfully rich culture of our First Australians.

We invite Elders from our local community to come and educate through the kindness of sharing their knowledge. This builds important connection, appreciation and understanding in our younger generations. We hope to enhance this part of our programming as our connections deepen and strengthen.