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Never before has the environment been more topical and important. Atlantis Early Learning are passionate about sustainability and educating the leaders of tomorrow on that importance.

Environmental programming

Children are immersed in daily sustainable teachings through our Programming. From incursions to Educators, it's every single day.

Conscious sourcing

From light globes, to Learning Environment materials, we consciously source everything that goes into our Centres.

One-Planet Living

Atlantis Early Learning operates by the One Planet Living Principles.

On-site environment

Chickens, worms and vegetables - we have it all and through these elements we can teach and share.

Girl with watering can at Tall Tree Early Learning garden

Hands on and hands in!

To truly appreciate Environmental teachings, you need to get your hands dirty. We explore the Environment together with our hands-on approach to programming.

Early childhood and learning through play is all about getting dirt under your fingernails. We truly immerse our Atlantis children in the environment through the agricultural elements we have on-site at our Centres. Our children are included in their tending and up-keep every single day. This way, they get to learn hands on.

Learning through all of our senses enables true immersion and greater appreciation. Seeing seeds sprout and bare fruit, watching our chicks hatch from their eggs then later collecting the eggs they lay, feeding our food scraps to the worms and watching them break it down into castings - it is all learning. And hugely beneficial learning at that! When children become a part of the ecosystem, they have not only a greater understanding of how it works but they become more passionate about protecting it.

Two girls in garden playing with watering can
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Today's children, tomorrow's leaders

The little people of today will have big ideas for tomorrow. We want to ensure that our future leaders understand the importance of environment and engage with the work to protect it.

The natural world is a wondrous thing, but Mother Nature needs our help. Without overwhelming young and impressionable minds, we focus on the positive action we can take today, in order to help our environment tomorrow. We understand the great need for appropriate environmental teaching in Early Learning and believe that we have a role to play in helping children understand the importance of sustainability.

We immerse children in a wide variety of environmental teachings and educate them through the One Planet Living Principles. By using these Principles as our guiding environmental philosophy, we ensure a depth of programming and a comprehensive covering of the areas requiring our attention. It forms the basis of the way we do business and the way we teach our children. We love watching little people become as passionate as we are about preserving our Environment through fun-filled explorative learning and discovery. It's about positivity and positive action.