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Early Childhood is about relationships. The special bonds you form with those you trust and those who care. Our people are the heart of our business and we put a great deal of time into making sure we get it right when it comes to building our team.


Our Educators come from all cultures and walks of life to ensure a sense of Belonging.

Professional Development

We invest in our Team to keep them at the forefront of industry knowledge.


All Educators are certified and qualified according to Industry Regulations.

The kids test

You can't fool children. Our Educators must be adored by all of our little people.

We want your children to leap from your arms and be thrilled at the sight of their Educators in the morning (as upsetting as that can sometimes be for their family members!). We take note of little people's preferences when it comes to their Educators. Sometimes, there's just an instant connection that we foster and build, so your child always feel nurtured and safe. Our Educators are not moved around often and specialise in the age group of their Learning Environment to ensure all developmental and emotional needs are met. This also ensures continuity of care for your children. They know there is someone here they can trust and rely on for cuddles, a kindly told story or an adventure just waiting to begin.

Tall Tree Early Learning Educator with child

Sense of Belonging

In Early Childhood, it is essential children have a sense of Belonging. We ensure we have Educators of many different cultures and backgrounds to foster Belonging in our Centres.

One of the beauties of living in Australia is the incredibly multicultural and diverse community we get to enjoy. So many different languages, cultures and customs to enrich the lives of the little people we care for.Our Educators are diverse in culture and background. We encourage them to bring the wealth of knowledge and experience they have with them to their Learning Environment. Children love to learn about new and exciting cultures, it also encourages a greater sense of Belonging for all little ones in our care. Families are welcomed to share their culture with us, so we can all learn and benefit.

Tall Tree Early Learning Educator with child, playing with glass jars
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Certifications and Qualifications

You are entrusting us with your most precious thing in the world. The honour and responsibility that comes with this, is never lost on us.

As per industry regulations, all of our Educators hold or are working towards the minimum qualification of a Certifcate III in Early Childhood Education and Care; or Certificate IV in School Age Education and Care. We also have a number of Diploma Qualified Educators and Early Childhood Teachers in our Team.

Every single one of our Educators must have a Working With Children Check (WWCC), Police Clearance and be certified in Providing an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting before commencing work with us. We also regularly invest in re-certification and further education for our Team when a need is identified. This ensures they remain completely up-to-date and able to handle any situation.

But more than qualifications, our people are your children's people. They need to be someone your little one adores and respects so they want to come to Atlantis. We only hire people we would leave our own children with. At the end of the day, it's just that simple.