Tall Tree Early Learning Centres are advocates. Advocates for the rights of all children, to experience a sense of Belonging. An environment in which they can grow, in every sense of the word.


We are early childhood experts, a local WA family, who have been running early learning facilities for the past 20-years. We have grown, along with the children in our care, to a place of profound appreciation and understanding for the magic that is early childhood.

A time of so much potential, that serves great purpose for laying the foundation from which these wonderful individuals will grow.


Creativity, freedom of expression and child-led exploratory play are at the centre of everything we do. We believe the minds of children are wondrous and need little in the way of molding.


We learn the ABC and we learn our 1, 2, 3, but never at the expense of the natural or creative world. We appreciate the role a developed sense of curiosity has in a lifelong love of learning, and so, work to expand on the ideas, interests and dreams of even the smallest of seeds.


We only employ those who share our passion for children, life, imagination and creation. A story teller, an eco-warrior, a tree climber, a lion tamer. Whatever comes our way, we want only those who have the mind of an adult but the heart and imagination of a child.


We spend our days creating, learning, moving, expressing and imagining. We have progressed ever forward, which funnily enough, has warranted a retracing of days gone-by. We appreciate that children need to be children and will never stand in the way of an imaginary game or a thirst for more information.


Because that is where Tall Trees grow.

If you think we sound like a great fit for you, whether you have experience in Early Childhood or not, we want to hear from you. Qualifications can always be learned and obtained, passion exists in the individual and cannot be taught. Only the truly passionate and positive need apply.

We look forward to meeting you.

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