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Djilba Season - our Noongar Seasons Project

We are excited to launch our next Noongar Seasons Project as we enter into a new season, Djilba.

Djilba takes place in August and September and is represented by the colour pink as it symbolises growth of wildflower. This is the start of the massive flowering explosion that happens in the South West of our state. Beginning with the yellow flowering plants such as the acacias.

Djilba is a transitional time of the year, with some very cold and clear days combining with warmer,rainy and windy days mixing with the occasional sunny day or two.

In our Seasons Project, we continue to be creative but this season we will be focusing on the medium of clay.

Clay is a wonderful natural medium for children to explore. The use of clay supports the core values and beliefs behind the Reggio Emilia approach. Our children will be encouraged to encounter this medium over the two months where they can build on existing skills and knowledge about how to work with clay and have the opportunity to play with ideas, create, re-create and create again. The clay will be explored on a table or on a tarpaulin on the floor and natural materials representing the season of Djilba will be our tools to manipulate and make marks in the clay!

The skills the children develop during the exploration stage can be used to inspire what type of sculptures they might like to create at the end of the season.