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a Koorana Road, Mullaloo 6027

The magic of early childhood comes to the seaside at Tall Tree Mullaloo.


The seaside is a place of so many childhood memories for us all. A place of vacation, of summer, of wading in rock pools, feeling sand on your feet, sun on your skin and salt in the air. Of building sandcastles, of endless laughter, and the feeling of having watermelon juice run freely down small chins. It is the place that dreams and memories are made.


Our brand-new Tall Tree Early Learning Centre in Mullaloo celebrates all that is to be treasured about being close to the ocean and the wonderful learning opportunities this natural environment and ecosystem provides.


As with all our beautiful Tall Tree Centres, Mullaloo is built to have its own character. This time, a light and bright seaside charm. Not quite beach shack, but just as welcoming. Accented by natural wood, ocean treasures and a hint of nautical. You don’t need to try hard to improve on the incredible landscape being ocean-side provides.


The curriculum for Tall Tree Mullaloo continues our Reggio-inspired and small group philosophy, allowing children the chance to lead their own learning journey and investigate whatever makes their heart sing. Small groups allow for confidence in their own abilities and true conversational learning with their Educator and friends.


Sustainability continues to be the focus of our programming, as we believe creating conscious citizens starts at an early age. The ocean as an ecosystem, and the animals and plant life that rely upon it is one of our most important and treasured. We will immerse our Mullaloo children into the conservation of this environment and learn with them along the way.


Seaside being a historical place for health and vitality, Tall Tree Mullaloo will consider small bodies and their need to flourish and grow. Alongside Sustainability, Food and Nutrition education plays an important role in daily teachings and provocation. Here we introduce social eating and a focus on whole, seasonal ingredients. Experimenting with new tastes and textures through the best of what nature provides.


We believe everything is an opportunity to grow and learn, with the natural environment of the ocean providing the perfect landscape and canvas to do so. We welcome you to Tall Tree Mullaloo and look forward to creating beautiful memories for your family.

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