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Inside our beautiful heritage-listed Stranraer building awaits an environment built with purpose; to provoke and inspire your little one into a world of creativity and imagination; learning and discovery; friendships and resilience.

Walk through high ceilings and timber floors, through the beauty and glamour of days gone by, into our environments constructed by passionate and professional Educators. Here old meets new, with all environments created according to the latest Early Childhood pedagogy, with child-led innovation and investigation at the centre of all we do, in an effort to inspire creativity and a life-long love of learning.

Children are able to explore and learn at their own pace with free flow areas between our internal and external environments. Thoughtfully constructed forts and outdoor environments allow for active minds and active bodies to play. For children to immerse themselves in the magic that is childhood and play without restraint, in a safe and secure area.

Inside, our Atelier space allows for the creative soul to express themselves and communicate a sense of wonder to you, through their own eyes. Little ones are invited to eat from our nutritious menu, made fresh onsite, when they are hungry with their peers of all ages, in our dining room.

Subiaco and the rich history of our Stranraer building enables the past to influence and provoke learning opportunities in the present. To allow children to engage with experiences framed around the history of Subiaco and Stranraer, to form an appreciation of where we have come from and to spark their interest in learning, research and history from the youngest of ages.

Welcome to Tall Tree Early Learning Subiaco.

Early Learning


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6115 5588
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285 Roberts Road
Corner of Townshend
Subiaco, WA 6008
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Opening Hours
Monday - Friday
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Creative expression is a window into the heart song of even the littlest people.

Using art to guide and inform our child-led learning experiences, our Atelier plays a very important role in learning. The freedom to create and express, assists little ones to make sense of the world around them and to build on the learnings they encounter as they wander through their day-to-day lives.

We provide blank canvasses and catalysts of inspiration to facilitate their creative freedom. We allow your little one to choose what they wish to express. We encourage, rather than inform their choices, and refrain from overly-structured activities and templates.

Few things delight as much as the opportunity to see the world through your little one's eyes and art is wonderful medium in which to do so.

Meet Asmah
Our Centre Manager at Tall Tree Early Learning - Subiaco
My name is Asmah and I am the Centre Manager at Tall Tree Subiaco. I have been working in Early Childhood Education for over 11 years and hold a Diploma in Early Childhood Education as well as a Certificate 4 in Visual Arts.  I have a wide range of experience, having worked my way up through all levels of Early Childhood Education. I commenced my career as a childcare cleaner and have worked as a cook, trainee, Qualified Early Childhood Educator, Educational Leader, Team Leader as well as working in multiple Sustainability and OH&S roles. I have also spent several years as a Centre Manager, and I am very excited about applying my skills and knowledge here at Tall Tree Subiaco.
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Ensuring your little one is healthy, satiated and nourished is a passion for us; and so, Food Education is an essential component in each and every day.

Our menus are based around Australian Dietary Guidelines, but with informed input from Nutritionists. We focus on eating from the rainbow as a way to encourage a varied and nutrient-dense diet. All of our meals are cooked in-house by professional Cooks and our menus are seasonal and based around locally and responsibly sourced produce.

As little ones start to express eating preference and develop their own palate, we create conversation around food preference and use group meal times as a way of gently encouraging through peer imitation and positive reinforcement. Eating is never forced, and little tummies are respected. We are a nut conscious centre and will ensure all food allergies are respected and given paramount importance. The safety of your little one is always our first and foremost concern.