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Sustainability and caring for the natural world is at the heart of our curriculum at Mullaloo. We will immerse our Mullaloo children into the conservation of our environment and learn with them along the way.

Introducing the latest Tall Tree Early Learning Centre located in Mullaloo, this beautiful service opened in September 2022 and provides a tranquil home-away-from-home environment for inquisitive little learners. We connect the children, ourselves and our families to the local community, developing a true sense of belonging.

The curriculum for Tall Tree Mullaloo continues our Reggio-inspired and small group philosophy, allowing children the chance to lead their own learning journey and investigate whatever makes their heart sing.
Small groups allow for confidence in their own abilities and true conversational learning with their Educator and friends. Sustainability continues to be the focus of our programming, as we believe creating conscious citizens starts at an early age.

Alongside Sustainability, Food and Nutrition education plays an important role in daily teachings and provocation. Here we introduce social eating and a focus on whole, seasonal ingredients. Experimenting with new tastes and textures through the best of what nature provides. Our Early Learning Centre in Mullaloo celebrates all that is to be treasured about being close to the ocean and the wonderful learning opportunities this natural environment and ecosystem provides.

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6156 6033
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25 Koorana Road
Mullaloo, WA 6027
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Monday - Friday
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The environment in which your little one spends their day is vitally important to the way in which they build relationships and their ability to learn. The Learning Environment is considered the third teacher, playing a central role in making learning meaningful for your little one.​

Children learn through the building and sustaining of relationships, through interaction and engagement with others. The environment in which they spend their time is therefore essential, in creating a space to facilitate and foster.​ We create functional, interactive and responsive environments in which child-led interests come to the fore.

Early childhood is a time of discovery; and structured lesson plans are no match for genuine interest when it comes to learning. Environments must initiate self-discovery and intrigue. ​Our Educators are encouraged to delve well below the surface, to build a sound understanding of the principles of a child's thinking, questions and curiosities. Not just what they think, but how they think it and why.

Tall Tree Early Learning Centre Manager, Mullaloo
Meet Nicola
Our Centre Manager at Tall Tree Early Learning - Mullaloo
My name is Nicola, and I am your new Centre Manager at Tall Tree Mullaloo.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working in the Early Childhood Education and Care industry for the past 17-years. I originally studied a BA in Primary Education and taught in the UK before moving to Perth in 2005 with my husband.

I first started as an Outside School Care Coordinator, which I did for three years before moving into Early Learning Centre Management after the birth of my first child.
Tall Tree Playground

A tree does not grow in isolation

You start life as a tiny seed, something so small and yet so powerful, something so important to so many. From there, your roots, the foundation from which all will grow, take hold.

The environment in which you grow, must be nourishing, supportive, and provide you with all that you need to flourish from seed, to seedling. A time in which nurturing, and support are imperative, as you understand the environment in which you are planted and begin to make sense of it for yourself.​From seedling, to sapling, you begin to settle. To grow stronger, taller, more resilient. A sense of independence and a rapid acquisition of new branches and leaves. But in order to make this monumental leap, you need consistent and reliable input from your environment. Each and every sapling, needs nutrients and protection, in order to thrive and grow from sapling to tree. The aim is forever not to merely survive, but to thrive. To grow tall.