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A wonderful example of the very latest in Early Childhood pedagogy and environments. Clean, simple and innovative in design, the focus of Manning is on creating blank canvasses for children to use as provocation of their own interests and learning.

Our rooftop garden is entirely unique to our Centre and allows a true connection to nature, in the middle if the suburbs. The 360° rooftop garden wraps around the entire length of our building and creates a unique space for children to explore and play. An innovative and intuitive design that allows light-filled rooms, created with purpose and passion.​

We invite children to investigate, we encourage a life-long love of learning and we enable them to build this for themselves. Our Educators are partners in learning, through carefully constructed experiences designed to catalyse imagination and create sense of wonderment and intrigue, in even the littlest of our Tall Trees.​

We focus on the simple pleasure of early childhood, through freedom of expression. We take a minimalist approach to avoid over stimulation and clutter, and we remove the noise of modern society, to allow for freedom of thought and imagination.​ Daily environmental teachings enable responsible and compassionate little people. We understand the importance of ensuring our children of today are leaders of tomorrow.​

Every day is a new opportunity to learn and grow. To share and connect. To be children and enjoy the pure enlightenment that comes from a joyous childhood.​

Welcome to Tall Tree Early Learning Manning.

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6156 7133
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Level 2
10 Conochie Crescent
Manning, WA 6152
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Opening Hours
Monday - Friday
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Your little one learns through the building and sustaining of relationships, through interaction and engagement with others. The environment in which they spend their time is therefore essential, in creating a space to facilitate and foster.

Breakout areas, art spaces and “zen zones” are created for small groups to better focus on particular interests and learning opportunities, as well as allowing our Educators to build stronger relationships and keep a mindful eye on social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.

Meet Alison
Our Centre Manager at Tall Tree Early Learning - Manning
Hi families, I’m Alison.

I have worked in Early Childhood Education and Care for the past 20 years, both here in Perth and the UK. I have previously worked at Tall Tree Banksia Grove as the Centre Manager and more recently as the Centre Coordinator across the Atlantis Group and I will bring an insatiable level of passion and professionalism to Tall Tree Manning.




Tall Tree Manning is such a lovely Early Learning service and consistently goes above and beyond. I completely trust my child is well-cared for. He comes home learning new things every day.



Tall Tree Early Learning Manning provided an excellent Early Learning service. The Educators are genuinely caring and helps my daughter settle in with nice welcomes and cuddles. They have heaps of interesting activities,  which help children learn and play, good food and schedule.



Tall Tree Manning is a reliable and safe place for my child. I’m grateful that my child has access to high-quality Educators and the opportunity to be with other children his own age.



The Educators at Tall Tree Manning are caring, conscientious and most importantly fun. The Managers, Alison and Catherine, go the extra mile and always with a smile.

Interior shot of Tall Tree Early Learning, Manning

A tree does not grow in isolation

You start life as a tiny seed, something so small and yet so powerful, something so important to so many. From there, your roots, the foundation from which all will grow, take hold.

The environment in which you grow, must be nourishing, supportive, and provide you with all that you need to flourish from seed, to seedling. A time in which nurturing, and support are imperative, as you understand the environment in which you are planted and begin to make sense of it for yourself.​From seedling, to sapling, you begin to settle. To grow stronger, taller, more resilient. A sense of independence and a rapid acquisition of new branches and leaves. But in order to make this monumental leap, you need consistent and reliable input from your environment. Each and every sapling, needs nutrients and protection, in order to thrive and grow from sapling to tree. The aim is forever not to merely survive, but to thrive. To grow tall.