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Tall Tree Early Learning | Banksia Grove

Should you need to tour our service outside of the below days and times, please contact us and we will certainly do our best to accommodate.


Tall Tree Early Learning in Banksia Grove is a little different in approach and pedagogy in all the best possible ways.

Located on a semi-rural 5,000 sqm plot in an agricultural area, children are immersed in 'Nature School', a concept born from learning outdoors, fully immersed in natural landscape and bushland. Still with a strong Reggio Emilia influence but with a focus on nature and what it offers to our children.​

Here at 'Nature School' we pay homage to both First Australians and European Settlers alike, through a celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander traditions and agriculture historic to the area. We allow the fabric of stories from those who came before us to guide and teach us, as we find our way today.

Our Banksia Grove children are welcomed into the Homestead building where their day begins with Drop-off, breakfast and group discussion with their educators about what adventures they might engage in. Children are then released into the wonderous natural bush that surrounds and invited to engage in pre-planned experiences or engage in the opportunity to truly express themselves through their own physical, social and imaginative play.

For those who wish to retire inside, beautifully crafted and thoughtful internal environments await. Quiet areas for solitude and solace, rest and reflection. ​Food Education and Sustainable teachings are paramount and provide the undercurrent of everything we do. Agricultural elements that exist on the property are available for children to learn about where food comes from and how food production exists not separate to, but as part of, natural ecosystems.​ Children are able to not just learn about environmental teachings theoretically, but to see the direct correlation in the natural landscape physically before them. Learning becomes hands-on, dynamic and kinetic.

We are proud to offer your family the magic that comes from 'Nature School' and allowing your children to grow up outdoors and free in space and wonder, as their Parents, Grandparents and even Great Grandparents before them. Welcome to Tall Tree Early Learning Banksia Grove.

Early Learning

Banksia Grove

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6156 7133
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103 Greenvale Place
Banksia Grove, WA 6031
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Opening Hours
Monday - Friday
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Nature School

Few things delight as much as the opportunity to see the world through your little one’s eyes and expressive play in nature provides a wonderful canvas. Our truly unique Nature School program offers children an abundance of room to learn and grow.

We work with the children to develop learning activities which support their own individual interests and observations, incorporating the Early Years Learning Framework, while forming caring relationships and bonds.

We create opportunities for children to take measured risks, appropriate to the environment and their development, enabling them to build their confidence and physical abilities.

Our beautiful learning environments allow for exploration and provide children with the knowledge and tools to learn how to look after themselves, each other and the natural environment, while rest areas provide a quiet place to gather thoughts and reflect upon learning.

Children are given the opportunity to learn at their own pace, and are encouraged to become curious learners.

Tall Tree Early Learning Centre Manager, Banksia Grove
Meet Katie
Our Centre Manager at Tall Tree Early Learning - Banksia Grove
My name is Katie and I’m the Centre Manager of Tall Tree Early Learning Banksia Grove.

I am a mum of two girls, and I have been working in the Early Childhood industry for the last 12 years. I began my journey as an assistant, progressing to a Room Leader, then onto a Centre Manager. My career objective is to lead and inspire passionate educators in order to help them create enriching play-based learning opportunities for children delivered through a child led Reggio inspired curriculum.



Banksia Grove

We are extremely happy with our experience at Tall Tree Banksia Grove.  From the moment we arrived for the tour of the facility the staff were brilliant, extremely friendly and you could see how much the children enjoyed being there.  

We had very recently emigrated from the UK and Tall Tree were brilliant at helping our two year old boy with this transition as it was a massive change for him. He absolutely loves going to daycare here and I couldn't recommend it enough.  The facilities are amazing and have given our boy the outdoor lifestyle we dreamed of and his physical ability being out and playing and climbing has just thrived since being here.  

Thank You Tall Tree Banksia Grove you are fantastic.


Banksia Grove

Our daughter bounces into Tall Tree Early Learning Banksia Grove, she loves her time at the centre!

The wonderful opportunities to explore the nature play with her friends and the fun activities she shares with her educators and friends.    

The Centre Manager, Katie, goes above and beyond with her communication and connection with the children. She is so engaging and creates and real family feeling in the centre. Our daughter is not a number amongst many she is part of the family. The team of educators are wonderful!

Care, support and guidance is always present amongst the pressure of the day to day running of the centre.


Banksia Grove

We have been at Tall Tree Early Learning - Banksia Grove since just after it opened and both of my children love it there.

The staff are lovely. Nowhere else has such amazing outdoor learning spaces. My kids love the chickens, guinea pigs and Tex the dog too.

Thanks for taking care of my kids while I'm at work!

Banksia Grove Parent

Banksia Grove

My son had gained so much from Tall Tree and has absolutely loved every minute of his time there over the last 2 years.  

He has been challenged, nurtured and learnt so many things.  

I am so happy we chose Tall Tree and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Garden playground at Tall Tree Early Learning, Banksia Grove

A tree does not grow in isolation

You start life as a tiny seed, something so small and yet so powerful, something so important to so many. From there, your roots, the foundation from which all will grow, take hold.

The environment in which you grow, must be nourishing, supportive, and provide you with all that you need to flourish from seed, to seedling. A time in which nurturing, and support are imperative, as you understand the environment in which you are planted and begin to make sense of it for yourself.​From seedling, to sapling, you begin to settle. To grow stronger, taller, more resilient. A sense of independence and a rapid acquisition of new branches and leaves. But in order to make this monumental leap, you need consistent and reliable input from your environment. Each and every sapling, needs nutrients and protection, in order to thrive and grow from sapling to tree. The aim is forever not to merely survive, but to thrive. To grow tall.