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Nothing stops a child in their tracks like nature. Simple discoveries that spark intrigue and curiosity. Simple objects catapulted into tools of imagination and storytelling. Simple games that allow for growth of a little person’s self-belief and strength of spirit. Nature, where we all began and where we now find ourselves returning. Welcome to ‘Nature School’ at Tall Tree Early Learning, Banksia Grove.

Tall Tree Early Learning in Banksia Grove is a little different in approach and pedagogy in all the best possible ways.  Located on a semi-rural plot in an agricultural area, children are immersed in 'Nature School', a concept born from learning outdoors, fully immersed in natural landscape and bushland. Still with a strong Reggio Emilia influence but with a focus on nature and what it offers to our children.

Here at 'Nature School' we pay homage to both First Australians and European Settlers alike, through a celebration of Aboriginal traditions and agriculture historic to the area. We allow the fabric of stories from those who came before us to guide and teach us, as we find our way today.


Our Banksia Grove children are welcomed into the Homestead building where their day begins with Drop-off, breakfast and group discussion with their educators about what adventures they might engage in. Children are then released into the wonderous natural bush that surrounds and invited to engage in pre-planned experiences or engage in the opportunity to truly express themselves through their own physical, social and imaginative play. Where a stick becomes a wand, branches become wings, cubbies are built alongside friendship and resilience. Lessons are truly learned, and warmth is truly felt. For those who wish to retire inside, beautifully crafted and thoughtful internal environments await. Quiet areas for solitude and solace, rest and reflection.

Food Education and Sustainable teachings are paramount and provide the undercurrent of everything we do. Agricultural elements that exist on the property are available for children to learn about where food comes from and how food production exists not separate to, but as part of, natural ecosystems.

Children are able to not just learn about environmental teachings theoretically, but to see the direct correlation in the natural landscape physically before them. Learning becomes hands-on, dynamic and kinetic.


We are proud to offer your family the magic that comes from 'Nature School' and allowing your children to grow up outdoors and free in space and wonder, as their Parents, Grandparents and even Great Grandparents before them. Welcome to the new, that ironically is returning to the old.


Welcome to Tall Tree Early Learning Banksia Grove.

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